We would have written something really witty here, but we figured it would be in vain since we don’t have boobs.

Just for the record, you’re at this cool blog maintained by two deranged bastards, who have an probably have an opinion about everything in the world. Music, sports, technology, temporal shifts and other random interesting stuff is what we usually write about. Since we guessed that we could hurt people’s sentiments due to the controversial and obscene nature of our posts, we’d like you to visit this post, which is our sincere attempt to fix this mess. http://goo.gl/tl1d2

Have fun, do share and enjoy.

  1. Kartik B says:

    Psst…I see an enviable future!

  2. maisa798 says:

    Haha first time I’ve ever seen boobs associated with wit! Unfortunately!

  3. moriwriter says:

    Many thanks to You, The Death of a Clown, for following me from the start, and for coming back to suffer conflicting feelings about lemons. So glad to see your name again! How many coulrophobics you must thrill! But you thrill me just for dropping by. Cheers!

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