The RVP Transfer Saga

Posted: July 18, 2012 by The Death of a Clown in Football
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Here’s our guest writer, Karthik Bharadwaj, an Arsenal fan at heart giving us his take on the Van Persie story. Unedited, uncut.

Well, to begin with it came as a surprise for Arsenal fans like me to see RvP in the lineup week – in week – out. His performance was directly proportional to the percentage of days he spent on the treatment table.

Steadily came the goals and assists we were all so eagerly anticipating from the Dutchman who we visualized as the next Bergkamp.

His stats read like this: 279 apps, 132 goals, 63 assists.

So it seems a good enough contribution from a faux nine corresponding to the number of games he played. But the stats can be called ordinary by somewhat means when you consider the number of years he has been at Arsenal. He signed way back at the start of the 04/05 season i.e. 8 seasons ago.  279 apps in 8 seasons doesn’t show positive signs. “Glass limbs” was his alias.

He was signed as a part of the youth experiment by Wenger in the same year which also saw Cesc come to London. Initially his behavior as described by a daily was “21 going on 9”. Steadily AW and the club moulded him into such a wonderful player.

For a club which stood by him at his hardest of times when he was forced out of play with recurring injuries he has just turned his back on it. The manager showed faith in him by rewarding a new contract when his old one was about to expire and he was still on the treatment table. The previous season has been his personal best which saw him injury free. Other seasons his performances were nothing to boast about.

Character wise he isn’t as good as he seems. Feuds with Bert van Marwijk in his Feyenoord days haven’t gone unnoticed. Rape allegations followed up in 2006 which landed him in prison under suspicion. Those allegations even though were proven false he later admitted to have consensual sex with the complainant. The image of the club got tarnished with these acts but still the club had faith and backed him every time.

The manager handed him the Captains armband after the expected departure of Cesc. He proved to be the perfect choice for being named captain by coming up with stellar performances and led from the front. The 2011 – 2012 season shall always be remembered for RvP single handedly performing consistently for the Gunners. But that was just 1 season. I repeat just one.

The youth project might have been unsuccessful in terms of trophies won but there were some real moments to cherish. RvP himself being a part of the project from the start should have shouldered the burden of expectations from the fans. Instead he releases a statement on his website stating his disinterest from extending beyond his current contract. This act of immaturity by a player of such high caliber was totally unexpected. The statement virtually kills the negotiating power of the club and also acts as an indirect transfer request. Openly stating his disagreements with the future plans of the club he has shown his uglier side. No player is bigger than the club and he is no exception. Hopefully he is sold as soon as possible.

I didn’t want to say it but still “Shame on you,Captain!!”

P.S: Don’t blame us, we tried to stop him. We’re nice people that way.

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